Get Quick and Affordable Loans without Losing Your Gold Jewellery

We are living in difficult times and the rate of unemployment is on the rise in different parts of the country.It has, therefore, become a normal thing for people to visit a Pawnbroker to get a quick loan. This has led to the increase of the number of pawnbrokers in major cities in the country such as Brisbane and Melbourne. Gold is currently one of the most valuable minerals and many pawnbrokers in Australia prefer to give loans using gold and gold products as collateralsdue to constant rising gold prices.

The problem is that many pawnbrokers in Brisbane and Melbourne cannot be trusted and are after taking advantage of their needy customers. Many pawnbrokers give loans to clients and charge high interests so that they can keep the collaterals if borrowers fail to pay back the loan. This has made many people to lose their precious items such as gold jewellery in the hands of unreliable pawnbrokers.


Actually, it is extremely difficult for people looking for gold loans in Melbourne and Brisbane to choose a pawnbroker they can entrust with their gold jewellery.

However, our gold pawn shop is different and we are committed to ensure our customers have access to affordable and quick gold loans. We are a reputable gold dealer that lends loans to customers around Brisbane city using gold jewellery as collateral. Our terms are customer friendly and we make sure borrowers are able to repay their loans so that they can have their gold jewellery back. We not only give customers gold loans but also advise them on how to repay the borrowed money with ease.

We review our interest rates regularly to ensure they are lower than what is offered by other traditional pawnbrokers in the cities of Brisbane. More so, our gold pawn shops are well secured to make sure we do not lose gold jewellery used by customers as collateral. In other words, we assure our customer that they will get their gold items in good condition as they brought them in our shop. In the rare instances where customer items are lost or damaged under our care, we compensate with the actual market value of the item lost minus the amount borrowed and interests.

We are trusted pawnbrokers Brisbane and we treat our customers as part of our large family. We listen to the needs of our customers and guide them on the right thing to do whenever their loans are repayment is in arrears. We are not quick to sell customer items to recover our money without their approval. This means there is no time you will lose your gold jewellery even if you have a problem repaying the loan.

When it comes to determining the amount of loan that can be granted to a borrower using certain collateral, we always try to be fair to our customers. Our loans are almost the market value of the collateral and we do not charge too high-interest rates. Customers pay the amount borrowed plus a small interest depending on the agreed loan repayment duration. More so, customers get cash instantly after giving collaterals and we give their valuables back immediately after repaying the loan. With us your gold jewellery is safe and we always keep our terms and commitment to customers.